The Iron Skillet

Being a manager in the healthcare profession it is my job to make sure that our patients come first. A few years ago I was a manger at an out patient surgery center. In such a facility you will find patients to be a bit more nervous as surgery is a big deal; I mean this is not the typical ENT (ears, nose, and throat) exam. Of course, we have all heard the old adage that the customer is always right, right?

Well then, what do you do when a patient insist on just being miserably mean? Cussing of staff, throwing of charts, screaming that the staff is incompetent as she walks to the window and has not yet given her name.

As the manager I felt that there comes a point that I must step in and relieve my staff from such stresses, so I gladly walked up and checked the patient in myself. I smiled, spoke nicely to her, all the while she’s still calling me names. I tried chalking it up to the fact that she’s having surgery and it was bothersome. Then I realized that she was 67 years old and having a breast enlargement, face lift, and other things done to her body that were all elective, so I decided to chalk it up to the fact that she was just a miserable old woman looking for things to make her happy in life. As she continued with her negative outlook, I continued with my pleasant smile and demeanor. That is, of course, until she took her ink pen and poked me in the nose! At this point, I just wanted to take an iron skillet over her head and while she lay knocked out on the floor write across her forehead in a neon sharpie a word that isn’t so nice.

I instead took a deep breath and attempted to maintain a pleasant attitude. I of course, apologized to her if we in any way were making her experience unpleasant. In response, she proceeded to tell me that everything in life is unpleasant and then said to me, “____, _____! This entire day is _____! Can’t anyone just do their job and get me on my way!” All composure had escaped me by this point and I replied, “Ms. ______, nothing would make me happier then to get you on your way, however if you would stop throwing things, cussing me, and yelling about a bunch of nothing, then the sun would shine on both our days and we could accomplish such a request.”

I, thankfully, never heard another peep from her. As she proceeded to the waiting area, I felt a strong urgency to pray for this woman. Of course, I then wanted to argue with God as I told Him that I felt no prayers would help her but I was positive that the iron skillet would do wonders!


10 thoughts on “The Iron Skillet

  1. Great job on your first blog entry! 67 and having a B E performed? It sounds as if you handled things superbly. An iron skillet…remind me never to anger you near the kitchen.

    Keep the blogs coming.

    Blog…blog…blog…I can hear George Carlin stating it over and over as was his rhythymic delivery…that sounds like such a dreadful name…blog. It’s as if it’s the sound of one throwing up on the paper they’re writing. But, then that’s what some folks do.

    Keep up the good work. So far, I like this more than Facebook; there’s substance to this…better than “Bob is thinking about making himself a grilled cheese sandwich”. Now that’s something that we’lll want to share with our great-grandchildren.

    • Thanks Michael for the compliment. As far as George Carlin, I fear responding would be all to obvious in reflecting my age with you have no issues in revealing apparently, however, I on the other hand would have issues if people thought I was over the age of 29! HA! But I “hear” what you’re sayin’! 🙂

      What? You’re bustin’ on FB and you’re not even on FB??? That’s not right. 🙂

  2. I know your book is going to be a must read. I love to read your blogs. They are already like a mini book. Keep up the good work and make sure I get a copy of that book!
    Love ya

  3. You are definitely a nicer person than me Penny! Sorry though, like Gayle, I couldn’t help but to giggle! 🙂 Although it is clearly realized that these types [things] are only funny latter……Much Latter 😀

  4. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. You had a truly miserable day, and I’m sorry…but the way you told the story is, well…quiet human indeed. I’ll giggle to myself quietly, but it is so hard not to to LAUGH OUT LOUD!

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