Dear Tooth Fairy – Dear Elijah

Elijah's 1st tooth

Elijah's 1st tooth

I remember the day when Elijah brought it to my attention that he had his very first loose tooth. Over the course of that week, his sister and I had encouraged him to wiggle it often so it would come out on it’s own. He of course wiggled, waggled, jiggled, and twisted yet nothing happened.

We arrived home one particular evening and he had made up his mind it was time to pull the tooth. We proceed to the bathroom where I wash my hands, Isabella provides me with a napkin, and Elijah stands with great zeal. I get my fingers positioned with the napkin on his tooth and give a yank. Elijah lets out a squeal and we see blood begin to fill his mouth and drip down his chin. Yet I remain empty handed. I explain to Elijah it usually takes a couple good yanks before it comes out but he is having no part of it. Isabella and I get him calmed down and he agrees to one final pull. I throw the napkin away and just dig in with my bare fingers. Once again, Elijah lets out a squeal and once again, blood is flowing and I remain empty handed. I rub his back, wipe his tears and tell him that we need to rinse out his mouth – that perhaps the tooth will come out tomorrow.

We get his faced leaned over the bathroom sink where I have water in my palm waiting for his mouth to suck up. One sip, swish, and spit. Two sips, swish, and spit. Three sips, swish, spit and shoot – a little white porcelain thing comes flying out and slides down the drain. In shock, Isabella and I both begin to burst out in laughter. We look at Elijah and sure enough, he is officially toothless. We stand there laughing for a minute or so when we realize, ‘there is no tooth to place under the pillow for the tooth fairy’. Our thoughts were of course vocalized which resulted in Elijah becoming very dismayed. He cried. I cuddled. He cried harder. I cried and cuddled harder. I then hear mumbling coming from my shoulder that said, “Now I won’t get any money.” To which I reply, “Perhaps if you wrote the tooth fairy a letter she would understand and leave you some without having the tooth.” Thus we pull out paper and pen.

Dear Tooth Fairy,

My 1st tooth came out tonight and I was so excited until I realized that it went down my bathroom sink. I am very sad now and so very sorry that I can’t leave it for you. It was my first tooth and I didn’t even get to see it. I hope you understand.


When Elijah awoke he found this under his pillow:

Dear Elijah,

I am so sorry that you are so sad and that you weren’t able to see your 1st tooth. I was however able to recover it for you from your bathroom sink. You will find it safely tucked away in a baggie of which you will need to promise to give to your momma. You see, I never leave a tooth behind but because you didn’t get to see it, I will leave it this time with the above condition as I know she will keep it safe for me. I also left you a little something in hopes that you will no longer be sad. Enjoy!

The Tooth Fairy

You see, there is nothing that a mother would not do to ensure the happiness of her child, even if that means waiting until midnight to play plumber just so that her son can see his first tooth.


2 thoughts on “Dear Tooth Fairy – Dear Elijah

  1. I love love love, love this piece. I’ve told sooo many people about it. Seriously, it brings tears to my eyes (but not in a cheesy way) and I can’t help but be amazed at the things that being a parent will make you WILLINGLY do!

    You are an awesome, incredible mom.

    • Aw Tiffany, thank you! Though I may not be so awesome after last night… the tooth fairy forgot to collect the fourth tooth under the pillow… I “think” I passed it off with an, “I believe she probably had so many collections last night that her bag was so full that she will have to finish up tonight”… stupid mommy pulling a fast one on her child doesn’t really qualify me as being awesome or incredible but since I feel so awful this morning about forgetting, I’ll take it! =)

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