Broken or Healed

“He was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed.” Isaiah 53:5


Once again, my son who was running a fever of 103.3 awakened me in the middle of the night. I sighed in dismay, saying to myself, ‘will this ever end’ as this was now the fourth time in the past ten weeks he had become ill. It has been a season of sickness, not merely for my son but too for many others. Whether it is the common cold, the flu, or even heart attacks, this season’s demise is long overdue.

As I ponder this season, it got me thinking about how it has reached beyond the physical and has too grasped hold of the spiritual. It is easy to see the brokenness in others but we cannot heal until we see the brokenness in ourselves. This sickness could be a result of anger, resentment, lack of charity, jealousy, even avoidance or denial – after all, if you’re looking at those around you there’s no need to look deep into yourself, right? What if we looked at church as a hospital rather than a fellowship hall? When looking at it this way, we are all among the ill. We come to the hospital looking for a cure to our ailments. Here’s the thing, the scripture, in my opinion, is designed to awaken us to our own “broken” state so that we can turn to God, being made perfect and whole in Him.

The turning point for the Prodigal Son was that of when he ‘came to himself’, repented and returned home. His father rejoiced and welcomed him. His resentful, older brother was also invited but stood on the outside looking in. The scripture is not clear as to whether or not the older brother entered and partook of the feast – he would only be able to enter and partake if he were okay with his younger brother being there.

Will you enter into the hospital and partake or will you stand outside looking in, denying yourself healing. We all need the Savior equally because each of us needs to be healed in some way. Remember; only let your sins trouble you.

The good thing about seasons, with each beginning there is an ending and with each ending, there is a new beginning.

In the last few weeks, I have learned the following: I serve an uncommon God, should He expect any less of me. In addition, what can I offer Him? What price am I willing to pay in order to praise Him? I want to be uncommon. I want to give all of myself in order to have all of Him. If I do this, my illness will be made whole. Do you dare to be uncommon? Do you dare to pay a price? Do you dare to seek healing for your brokenness?


“Sometimes I think about the cross that He endured, laying down His life unselfishly. And how His suffering means I can rest assured in His saving grace because He took my place. There is no brokenness that I could ever bring that would ever be too much for Him to bear. Mistakes and failures don’t mean a thing anymore, that’s what He was dying for. There was beauty in the tragedy. In His death I found new birth, it was unrelenting love for every soul on earth. He took the scars, felt the pain; suffered loss so I could gain this precious life, this precious love I am feeling. He took my sin and the fall, left His hope here for us all. Jesus took the scars and left us with the healing. He left us with the healing!”

Song: He Took the Scars/Artist: Brothers Keeper/Album: Beyond Beautiful                                                                                                                                                                                              


Dare to Praise




2 thoughts on “Broken or Healed

  1. Great charge Penny! And the crazy thing is ALL we have to do is take ONE step in that direction, and God will come RUNNING to meet us, to heal us, to grow us. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. It is a great charge. I’ll step in, but how far will I go? I too want to be uncommon. Again, I’ll step in, but how far will I go? Only God knows the answer to that question, I suppose.

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