College Acceptance Timeline

Please reference the following link in order to fully comprehend what I’m sharing with you in this blog.  This blog will be unlike most of my other blogs, more like a time line and journal entry of sorts.  (Side note: First day of school is September 1)

June 8th – Complete college application for TNU. Sent request form off for college transcripts. Wait.

June 29th – Contacted TNU regarding transcripts. Was told HS transcripts received but nothing from GCC (previous college). Contacted GCC and informed request of transcripts was never received.

June 30th – Faxed transcript request to GCC to be sent to TNU. Wait.

July 21st – Received email from TNU stating that they had no transcripts for me, from GCC or High School. Confused on what happen with the HS transcripts the only explanation that could be given was that I had been misinformed. Emailed my principle from High School to ask how I could obtain transcripts considering the High School was now closed. Called GCC to acquire status on transcripts and was again told that no request had been received. Discovered I was sending to their old fax number, which was on their form so no fault of mine own, and would now send to correct fax number. Wait.

July 27th – Received email from TNU that HS transcripts had been received however, they were missing my sophomore and junior year. Emailed principle again with current information and requested help. In addition, emailed administrator of school where I attended those years missing, as that school was now closed as well, and requested assistance. Wait.

July 30th – Received email from principle stating that he mailed the complete transcripts, today. Contacted TNU and informed them.  Was informed at same time the transcripts from GCC had still not arrived. Contacted GCC and was informed that they had been mailed out on the 28th. Contacted TNU and informed them of new information. Wait.

August 11th – Received call from TNU stating that all transcripts had been received. HS transcripts were still incomplete and therefore in order to be officially accepted I needed to take ACT exams, scheduled for August 17. Panic took over, heart sank… I needed no less than a specific score in order to be accepted. I could not complete financial aid application until officially accepted… began questioning if I had truly heard the voice of God. Why was this so difficult? Walked outside and looked to the sky – just before dusk – there were TWO rainbows in the sky. Began weeping. Emailed friends of my feelings and what I had just seen. Received response back stating, “A rainbow represents hope for the future and the promise of God’s faithfulness. And you saw TWO!!” Amazed at God’s ways of speaking to me, reminding me, encouraging me.

August 13th – 16th – Spent countless hours in Barnes and Nobles studying for ACT exam. Lived off coffee. Dreamt and breathed anything and everything about ACT’s. Had an amazing study partner help prep me. Took countless prep tests. Friend told me I was genius (I paid her with hot tea).

August 17th – At 1pm took ACT exam. 4 hours later and a nose of ice, I completed my exam. Wait.

August 18th – Received a call from Dr. Gray informing me of my scores, congratulating me, and welcoming me to TNU. Relief but still worried about financial assistance. Contacted Admissions advisor and schedule appointment for August 20. Wait.

August 20th – Arrived at appointment where I was given a campus tour. Had a great time of fellowship with senior student giving me tour. (love her) Met with Admissions advisor. Choose bachelor program. Paid enrollment fee. Met with Financial advisor. Needed me to complete information at home and return on August 21st. Frustrated that I still did not have answers but completed information needed at home.

August 21st – Returned to meet with financial advisor. Information still incomplete however worked out what was reflected. Qualified for Pell Grant. Qualified for small student loan. Still needed another student loan to pay for remainder. Was to complete 5 different applications over weekend and return to financial office on Monday, August 24. Went home and completed the 5 applications. Was turned down for all unless I could provide co-signer. Called my folks and asked if they would co-sign, was told no. Cried all weekend. Sulked. Pouted. Got angry. Began questioning God, convinced it wasn’t Him that I heard in May. Very discouraged.

August 24th – Met with financial advisor who was very nice and tried to work it out for me.  Best option was to drop from full-time student status to ¾-time student allowing my grant and loan to cover full tuition. Was also informed that there was a campus job fair taking place the week school started. Walked away discouraged that I wasn’t full time and had no living expenses provided me yet thankful that college was paid for, in spite of reduced credit hours.

August 26th – Received several envelopes from TNU in mail. One envelope was official acceptance letter to TNU. Another letter was requesting additional information needed before orientation on August 29. Another was a larger, cardboard type envelope that contained a letter and a press release announcing that I had been awarded a $12,000 scholarship from TNU for my active role and leadership in the community. Jumped for joy! Shouted ‘THANK YOU GOD! I DID HEAR YOU!’ Called a friend and shared the news. Bounced around for the remainder of day and night while crying and laughing at the same time.

August 29th – Attended Orientation (blog to come)

September 1st – Had my first class as a luncheon out! Very cool! (This was the only class for me that day!)

Note to self: God is faithful!

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