College – Week One Timeline

Leap Class (not all shown here)

Leap Class Luncheon (not all shown here)

September 1 – 12:30 I met my Life Calling and Purpose class in The Center for Leadership, Calling, and Service Building. We left and went to lunch at this totally hip and fabu place in the gulch. The food was amazing! Getting to know the other ladies was great – our class consist of all the Non-Traditional Undergrads – aka: More Seasoned in life group, more mature group… okay, okay, the old group! Ha! Dr. Carpenter was so kind; she treated us to lunch and dessert. YUM! She also doesn’t want us calling her Dr. Carpenter, as she prefers Peggy. (Love her!) After lunch, we returned to campus where I was able to hang for a little bit and discuss a job possibility working in the Counseling department as well as assisting in the OASIS. (Would love to tell you what OASIS stands for but it’s slipping from my memory at present – OASIS, ah… I get to work in the wonderful, dreamy, paradise known as OASIS, can you picture it? Ha-ha!)

At the Painted Cupcake

At the Painted Cupcake

September 2 – First class is Life Purpose and Calling at 10am where we are introduced to all the cool things that we have access to on the computers… calendars, email, printing capability, programs that we are able to log in to at home, and so much more. Class ended at 10:55 and my next class wasn’t until 1pm so my beloved friends arrived to take me to the Painted Cupcake for a “first day of school celebration” where I had a Turtle Cupcake. YUM!!! I also ordered 6 miniture cupcakes to go. Hey, I was going to math class, I needed the sugar. They dropped me off and I headed to my one o’clock class… (Jaws theme music inserted here)… Math class. Ugh! Poor Mr. Swink, he gets a bad rap because of Math but he is the most patient and sweetest man, ever! Class ended at 1:50 and what do you know, I survived… minus a few limbs. (insert math humor)

First Chapel of '09-'10 School Year

First Chapel of '09-'10 School Year

September 3 – 9:30am Chapel Service and Dr. Boone, school President, was the speaker. He was absolutely amazing. I said if I were given the opportunity to tell him so, I would, though no opportunity has presented itself as of yet… perhaps a visit to his office? Nah, would bring back too many middle school memories of sitting in the principles office. Chapel ended at 10:30 and I was off to The Center for Leadership, Calling, and Service (FYI – at school this is pretty much always abbreviated when not being used formally however I LOVE the name of this building and can assure you I will most likely never abbreviate it’s name… even though it did take me nearly a month to get it right.) At 11:30, I ventured off to my 12:10pm, Principles to Biblical Faith class. Along the way I run into Dr. Randy Carden, my academic advisor, whom I had met only briefly on the day orientation. We exchanged our hellos and I introduced myself again. Dr. Carden said, “I know who you are, Penny Shire from Franklin, TN….” and then rambled off much more information about me. I was amazed that he remembered so much, let alone, even knew who I was. I walk into my Bib Faith class to find that this is the largest class ever. There are approximately 70 students and there were no seats left outside of a seat placed in the middle of all these freshmen boys. Oh lucky me… I’m the old women sitting amongst the young princes’ of the college. In walks Professor Sparrow who happens to be my only professor that is younger than I… which I found to be rather intimidating. We were given a syllabus and upon scanning it my stomach did multiple flips. He reviewed the syllabus with us and then stated an opportunity for extra credit… I’m pretty sure I was the first, or one of the first, to have raised my hand requesting the extra credit. I enjoy this class, though challenging when trying to commit to memory information regarding the Babylonians, the Persians, the Assyrians, the Canaanites, and the ‘mosquito-bites’ (ha!)… let’s talk theology and not geography and I’m good (just not so good with what year in BC did they rule and at which location in the Fertile Crescent did they reside). Though when discussing theology I’m pretty much a go by the scripture type of gal so when having other thought processes tossed my way, well, let’s just say I take on the debate persona… which I’m not sure my professor appreciates. I’m convinced that he doesn’t like me very much, if at all. That’s okay, I think he over uses the word seriously as well as the phrase I’m not trying to trick you, so I guess we can call it even.

September – 4 – Math class again and again, I survived.

Center for Leadership, Calling, and Service

Center for Leadership, Calling, and Service

September 7 – I begin working my job on campus in the OASIS, which is the top level of The Center for Leadership, Calling, and Service. YAY!!! I met with my financial advisor, as I heard nothing from her pertaining to the scholarship received. She informed me that she wasn’t aware and took a moment to check things out. I was able to change my status from ¾-time student back to full-time student, still allowing tuition to be fully paid for. This also meant I needed to add another class to my schedule. Met with Dr. Carpenter where we added on Speech Communication.

At this point, I have officially survived one full week of college. Where I’m loving it yet overwhelmed by it; loving it yet still trying to get acclimated to all the schedules of home, kids’ school, my school, church, and so forth. Yes, loving it and knowing that this is where I am supposed to be. 

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