I Know What You Did Last Summer

David ruled as King of Judah for seven years before he ruled another thirty-three years as King over all of Israel. He had gone from herding sheep and killing lions and tigers and bears, oh my, to killing giants with stones. He was a hero over night. Can you imagine the attention he was receiving; apparently not just from the women either?  This shepherd boy brings order to a kingdom as he has placed his life on the line in battle time and time again. This well built, muscular, manly-man, who wore a tool belt shirt-less was not merely eye candy, he was powerful eye candy. The kind of candy that is both bold and sweet. There wasn’t a fair maiden in all the land that didn’t wake each morning, pillow wet with drool, as visions of more than just sugarplums danced in their head.  Can you imagine being a shepherd boy and now king of an entire nation? It had to go to his head, I mean really.

The dude was supposed to be at war, where the king is supposed to be in the spring with his men, and he decides he is staying home to enjoy the scenery.  Basking in the sun on the roof, working on his tan no doubt, when he becomes the first peeping tom – he sees a woman bathing, (interesting enough her name is BATHsheba)  seeing that she is beautiful – and decides he wants a close up. Alas, our first glimpse of pornography has just occurred.  

He sends messengers for her. What? Really? Did they give her the message that the King wanted to sleep with her and thus as a married women she refused and so they drug her off? On the other hand, did she want to go because in spite of her husband being at war she was home alone and a powerful man wanted her? In which case, does that mean the hot king raped a beautiful woman? Or does it mean that it was consensual? Oh the places my mind goes. Alas, I digress…

The woman becomes pregnant and sends word back to the king. The King remains calm, he is King, and he has a plan. He sends for the woman’s husband to come home. Basically, he’s given the royal treatment in order that he would sleep with his wife and there’d be no suspicion of where big fat belly came from and went in nine months. However the king wasn’t prepared for the husband to refuse to sleep with his wife which results in the king freaking out. His crazies begin seeping out when in fact if he had kept something from coming up and out to begin with, he wouldn’t be worried that his sins would find him out. Alas, he is a mortal man who happens to be king with power and means, thus his crazies escape and he has the woman’s husband killed on the front lines at war. Now he can look like the hero and bring the widowed woman to be and live with him. (Never fear King David is here to save the day – making him a rock star!)

For the next two years the King thought he had gotten away with his sin however, one day there was a knock on the door. This man Nathan showed up and told the King in a secretive, mysterious type of voice, “I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER!” Ok, technically it was three springs prior nevertheless the king was busted.  

David repented. God forgave. The child died.  

 The moral of the story: Sin is sin, God knows what you did or what you didn’t do, and while He forgives, He also punishes.

My former spouse decided some time ago that he didn’t love me and he never had. I was often told this during our marriage, to the extent even of being told that he married me because his mother wanted him to; that he should’ve married his first true love; and so on and so forth. We were together for a total of 15 years and I was never good enough.

We dated for 18 months when he broke up with me. I don’t remember the exact reasoning but I remember we were sitting in his truck at the local, small town, airport. And I remember thinking if this guy is dumping me there is no way I am ever going to find a guy in this world that is going to meet my standards based on what I was taught to look for in a man. Thus, I became promiscuous, setting out on a path of self-destruction with a dash of bad choices thrown in for flavor.

Six months or so later, my former spouse and I had gotten back together. I had not told him of my indiscretions, he didn’t ask so I didn’t tell. That is how the saying goes these days, correct? Shortly after our reunion, I was raped. I was 21 and the assailant was only 15. It made the papers and I, the victim, was the bad one because of my flavorful life over the past 6 months so I dropped the charges. This is where things once again changed for my former spouse and me, though I wouldn’t know it until years later when he told me that he viewed me as damaged goods.

Anger and shame can be a lonely road filled with potholes. While we both tried to create the life we had dreamed of in our heads, we failed because we would not, perhaps could not, deal with truth – the core of the issue. It became easier for him to lash out, become violent, and flat out nasty while it became easier for me to lie and sink deeper into my depression.

The last year of our marriage, I had my own king, a married king that is, who showed interest in me and I responded. I entertained his interest with flirtations, emails, and phone conversations; I was lonely for attention, to feel loved and wanted. While I did not sleep with this man as Bathsheba did with David, I did engage myself in adulterous correspondence. Jesus says in his sermon on the mount that if you look at another lustfully than you have committed adultery. Alas, I had committed adultery; I had bathed in it.

Be sure your sins will find you out. David and Bathsheba were both wrong, assuming he didn’t rape her, which I’m not convinced that he did or did not. The fact still remains that sin is sin. God forgave them and he also punished them. While God forgives my former spouse and me, we now have to deal with the consequences of our actions and our children receive the punishment because of it.

Make no mistake, God hates sin. He will punish those that choose to walk in it and trust me; He always knows what you did last summer.

Copyrighted by reflectionsbypj 2010/01/31


4 thoughts on “I Know What You Did Last Summer

  1. Wow! I am so proud of you and amazed at the same time. You are a wonderful example of someone who is tired of allowing the devil to lie to you any longer. You have chosen to use your voice to bring to light that which is darkness, in so doing you have just given a voice to others. Your courage will also have a long and greater legacy, just like King David.

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