The following is a conversation that occurred this evening in the car between my 8-year-old son and me.

E: “Momma, I like this girl Hannah that rides my bus.”

Momma: “What do you like about her?”

E: “I don’t know.”

Momma: “Then how can you say you like her?”

E: “I don’t know, I just do.”

Momma: “What does like mean?”

E: “Love.”

Momma: “Oh wow! You love her? Well like and love are two different things my dear.”

E: “Oh.”

Momma: “So what is it that you like about her, there has to be something.”

E: “I like her brown eyes and her hair. And she has a cool backpack that carries a picture tag on it. Um, I like the way she speaks and the sound of her voice too.”

Momma: (stunned and impressed at his attention to detail) “Have you told her you like her?”

E: “No, I’m too shy. Have you ever been shy to tell someone that you like them?”

Momma: “Yes.”

E: “Well I’m too shy so my friend is going to tell her for me because he’s not shy. Am I too young to kiss on the hand?”

Momma: (floundering like a fish out of water) “Um, hmm… yeah there should be no kissing.”

E: “Not even on the hand?”

Momma: “Yeah, let’s keep kissing out of things for a long while.”

E: “When can I kiss? When I’m 16?”

Momma: (floundering has now ceased and final gasp for air is taken) “Um, why don’t we wait until 16 gets here and discuss it further at that time.”

E: “Ok. Well what if I already did?”

Momma: (heart revived by shock) “Already did what, kiss?”

E: “Never mind.”

Momma: “Never mind? There is no never mind, what are you talking about?”

E: “I’m going to give her my girls’ restroom sign bracelet. That’s what my friend said I should give her for Valentine’s.”

Momma: (giggling under breathe) “Yeah, that’s pretty special. I’ve always wanted a girls’ restroom sign bracelet.”

E: “Don’t worry Momma, I still love you. I’ll always love you.”

Momma: (giggle, sniff, giggle, sniff, sniff)

Copyrighted by reflectionsbypj 2010/02/11


9 thoughts on “Kissing

  1. LOL… Boys are amazing… Tell E I want a restroom sign bracelet, too. Where does one get such a wondrous thing??? Hehehehehe… Thanks for sharing… I am glad I’m not the only one floundering with the things in little boys heads!

    • It’s one of those new crazy bracelets, the name is escaping me at present, but you can get them at Walgreen’s and Target -I’m sure other places as well. 🙂 I have a funny suspicion that there will be a lot more floundering along the way.

  2. Such a cute conversation. Just wait till he gets 16. Oh my, it gets so much harder especially when it comes to kissing and such.
    Hopefully, with much intention, you can keep these conversations going as he grows up.
    I love the way you communicated this in your writing. Enjoyed reading it very much. it made me giggle.

    • I’m hoping to always keep the communication flowing between us… I think “Izzy” and I do well (thus far) but we’ll see how I do with “E” and the whole boy thing… lol… constant prayer I’m sure – that and I’ll be hitting you up with questions looking for answers! 🙂

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