People in a Box

Our family this year is giving up specific media items for Lent. There is no TV, no video games, no radios, and no computer (social networking, i.e. Facebook, email – you know, all the things that tie you to a box.) Instead of doing these things we are reading books – together (i.e. the One Year Bible), playing board games – together, making crafts – together, going on walks – together… are you detecting a pattern, a hidden (NOT) message.

I realize as a society everyone looks to Lent as a time to give up his or her favorite food, snack, or drink but sacrificing something that takes you away from time spent with God isn’t always, necessarily, food. This is a call to action, a time of strengthening our faith – braided together as a rope – putting God in the center, at the head of our lives. It is not a time of punishment. It is not merely for the who we know as ‘the Catholics’ – side note: the word Catholic means universal; the catholic church as we know is often referred to the Roman Catholic Church (i.e. the Pope) but a Catholic is nothing more than a branch of the orthodox church and if you consider yourself to be a Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, Presperterian, Nazarene, well then, you are merely a branch of the orthodox church. If Lent wasn’t too good for the disciples, why should it be for me – This is a time to build our relationship, a deepening of our faith, a time to learn how to deeply and fully depend on God.

I realize we are now on day 22 of our 40-day journey and my family has not been 100% successful in our attempts however, we pick ourselves back up from our falling, brush ourselves off, and begin again.  I will tell you something, you’ll be surprised at what an 8-year-old and 14-year-old will get excited about, I indeed was.  I’d like to challenge you to consider sacrificing something that is possibly interfering in your daily time spent with God. It’s never too late to begin, everyone and everything has a starting point – what is yours?

As for me and my family, we are giving up people in a box! (for your viewing pleasure I’ve attached a video and the lyrics that say it best – be sure to watch it from beginning to end.)

Copyrighted by reflectionsbypj 20100310

Artist: Farrell and Farrell – Album: Jump to Conclusions – 1985

 (Verse 1) Well I rolled out of my bed I was feeling semi-dead so I wandered from the bedroom to the coffee
Then I woke up to the sound of little people all around and it was noises from that TV there beside me
And they told me what to wear how to smell and do my hair and how to charge a new car I’ll be buying
I just sat and soaked it in are these people all my friends? never dawned on us that they could all be lying…
(Chorus) People in a box T.V. personalities They show me how to live In specific generalities People in a box Out of bed tune ’em in How much do I learn from people in a box?
(Verse 2) Well I completely bought it all revolving credit wall to wall without a payment to September ’89
Can I run? Can I escape? Are they alive, or just on tape? They seem so worldly and so welcome to the eye
Heavy pressure from the start T.V. madness filled our heart Black and White, and living color turned to gray.
Daytime soaps – they’re not clean Nighttime cops blast through our screen We’re a Nielson Rating living on display.
(Repeat Chorus)
(spoken verse) Are these sultans of video activity truly the masters of my destiny? Was I created in the image
of Trinitron? Can Jesus ever endorse mediocrity while we consume hours of program philosopy? Will we ever learn that off is as easy to turn, as on?


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