Thinking of You


Dear cyber space,

                It has indeed been some time since I wrote to you. I want to assure you I have not forgotten you. I have written you several times but as with any good work, it must be reviewed, edited, rewritten, edited again, marked in red ink, and rewritten again before it can be graded by you. In addition, all of which requires time, something I seem to be lacking these days. Nevertheless, I understand that if something is truly important to us, then we make time for it, thus I pause to write you. (I write you every day in my mind, if that counts for anything – I’ve heard it said that it’s the thought that counts.)

                The hurry and scurry of life fills my days, though I’m not sure “life” is really comprised of all things that seem to fill my days. (and nights) I’m sure you understand, after all, life as you know it was intended to have letters forming words, and words forming sentences, and sentences forming paragraphs written on you and instead, you sit waiting naked, cold and alone. I’m sorry I have abandoned you. I miss you more than you miss me; trust me (said just like a parent to a child). Perhaps I can make up for my absence by filling you in with just a little information about my week.

                I took my mid-term exam in Ethics and feel confident that I did well, which will probably mean that I did the opposite. I’ll have to keep you posted on the results. I registered for summer classes and fall classes. I attended a business meeting where I annoyed people by asking such questions about money… I should’ve known it wasn’t a smart idea since I’m usually testy about my own money. Oh, I did get a little time for tea with friend, who also happens to be very wise. I was able to spend a lot of time with my son as he was sick, he went to classes with me and at times took better notes than I did (or so I tell him). I was told, “I love you Momma” a lot, A LOT, this past week. It was nice.

                I learned this week that the stones in my life have all banded together and made themselves into a boulder, a boulder that is sitting on my foot! While it’s natural to yell at the boulder, even strike the boulder, such behavior will not remove the boulder. A few days later I read in this book that I’ve been reading daily that I’m suppose to love my enemies. Now not only do I have to stop hitting my boulder if I want it to move but I have to show love to the surrounding idiots in my life… who comes up with this stuff!?!?  Of course that same book informed me that our God is a God who saves and each day He carries us in His arms. (I wish He were carrying me when I’m walking those miles around the track – my legs would be ever so grateful – I’m just sayin’!)

                 I learned that I don’t mind researching the background on authors and learning about who they are and perhaps why it is they write the way that they do. I just don’t like doing research on multiple authors and writing multiple reports in 48 hours. Speaking of research, did you know that James Baldwin, author of “Go Tell It on the Mountain” was homosexual? Or that black men volunteered to serve in the military to prove to white men that they loved the country they lived in just as much as the white man? Or that the book Moby Dick, now one of the best American novels of our time, when first written and published, wasn’t liked or appreciated? Or that the end of the Middle Ages was a result of a plague? Of course you did, you’re cyber space, the source of all above listed information. However, that’s just Literature and World Civilization though; did you know in that book I’m reading this guy Luke says that J.C. grew in wisdom and knowledge? Really? You mean He wasn’t inherently a wise, know-it-all? (Not at all said in tone in which a parent communicates with a child.) Of course, I also learned that if people consider you as pretty or attractive, they will put you down in an instant if they feel threatened, whether they know you or not. (I’ll write more to you about this later.)

                Oh wait, here’s something juicy for you! I can’t believe I waited to the end to tell you. You know how I wrote to you last month the story of the Band of Lies. Well after writing it, I wondered what I would do with the ring and decided I would wear it on the thumb of my right hand as a reminder to never enter that type of circle again. Well, it’s been annoying me the past two days, eating away at the skin it rest on, leaving it flaky, cracked and wrinkly. (Yeah, I’m writing you in more detail about that later too, I promise.) Anyhow, I decided today that it was time to get rid of it so tonight, while driving; I threw it out the window. I know! I KNOW!!  

                Well my dear friend, life is tugging at me, calling me back to its stormy, raging seas. I will write again, once my lifesaver vest has been inflated, keeping you and me both from going down with the current. I want you to know that daily I think of you. I think of you while I drive, while I’m in class, when I’m in the shower even – you are always in my thoughts.

I’ll be seeing you,


Copyrighted by reflectionsbypj 20100326


One thought on “Thinking of You

  1. So the band of lies finally lies where it belongs: in a ditch!? This calls for a celebration. How about some roasted veggies with friends on Thursday? We’ll celebrate FREEDOM, 1/2 marathons, size 12s, and anything else we can think of. 🙂

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