A Daughter’s Take

My children have spent a few days at school with me due to their spring break. Today, while in my Ethics class, my daughter wrote in her journal about her college experience. I asked her permission to post her writing on my blog, in fun, and I was told, “not until I post it on FB first, I think it’s good blog material”.

College Life

Ok, so this is the second day I have been to my mother’s college classes. I would’ve written the first day but I didn’t bring anything to write in… just something to read (boring). And I didn’t even read it… I just texted all day. I am now in my mother’s ______ class, of which I have forgotten the name, BUT I do know the teachers name, Mr. Nate. This is my mother’s last class for today. After this class, we will either go to the computer lab, which by the way, there are several of and I have no idea which one we are going to, or we might go the park… well, if my mother remembers, she said that. Going to the park is fine by me considering that it is such a beautiful day. Getting back to college…

World Civilization, another class my momma takes, was cancelled today so we had two hours to kill. The first hour and twenty minutes were spent in the cafeteria talking and eating. The last forty minutes were executed outside at the waterfall, fountain, and trees. We smiled; we posed; and we waited… waited mostly for the people who were in the background of the picture to GET THE HECK OUT! We ended up just letting them walk behind us but I don’t think we will be able to crop them out, oh well!

I’m watching Momma take notes and focus on this lecture. (Of which I have no earthly idea what he is talking about except for the occasional quote from Aristotle.) “Some danger is coming,” says Sir Nate, “that only certain saints and visitors will know about.” (Quotes from some book.) DANGER? What DANGER? Why didn’t I know about this danger? Unless you’re talking about stranger danger, that I know about! Man… I’m going to have to read that book!

Anyways… as I was saying… Momma is in one of her hardest classes and yet she looks like, “Ha! I know this already! Can we move on?”, if only she really thought that. I am jealous of her though… she gets to learn all that I want to learn!

{Insert side note: Wahhahahahaha! I was looking at this guy in front of Momma and he was falling asleep!}

So class is almost over and everyone is getting twitchy. Mr. Nate walks around with coffee in hand while a musical array of drum beats come from upstairs. “I’m trying to figure out whether this music is in my head or if it’s actually happening.” Nate says. But considering he has been sick, I wouldn’t blame him if Clair de Lune were playing in his head.

Well class is about over and I have no more to say… plus my hand is cramping like crazy. I guess the next time I come to college I’ll have to write again but for right now… GO TREVECCA!!!

Father God, I thank you for my children. What a privilege, honor, and blessing that you have entrusted me with such a gift, I am truly humbled. I thank you for their character, their sense of humor, their likability, their compassion and sweet spirit, and for the joy, they bring to my life. I ask for your wisdom to lead and guide them. I ask that as their story unfolds and is added to daily that they be a living testimony to your glory. Lord, may your blessing rest on them all the days of their lives. May they know your peace, your comfort, your strength, your mercy, your faithfulness, and your never-ending, all enduring love for them. May they know you are with them, in each step and in each breath. That in their blessing you will enlarge their territory, filling them with your spirit, that they may prosper and know you in your fullness. I give you all the glory, honor, and praise for the living testimony that you have already given them and thank you in advance for the continuation of that testimony. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Copyright by reflectionsbypj 20100409


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