Dear Coffee, I had no idea…


… that you got your start in Ethiopia, the richest city in Africa, in the 9th century by shepherds who observed their sheep “dancing”. (You really do make me high and happy!)

… that Arabica is by far the most popular variety because of smoothness and aroma.

… that you are actually the seed of a berry (aka: coffee cherry) that has had its fleshed removed, dried, and then roasted where you not only change colors but also where you’re natural sugars are caramelized which becomes the true flavor that we have come to love. (In order to be good, you must go through the fire, being transformed!)

… that in Africa and Yemen you were used in religious ceremonies. (God does love coffee!)

… that in the 17th century you were banned in Turkey.

… that you are the world’s sixth-largest legal agricultural export.

… that Islam outlawed alcohol but adopted you as the acceptable drink, being nicknamed “Qahwa” which is the old Arab word for ‘wine’.  And you were often smuggled from out of a country into another country! (You really are a substitute for drugs!)

… that because you were a “Muslim drink” Pope Clement VIII in 1600 wanted to ban you from being deemed an acceptable drink for Christians. But the Monks loved you! (This just makes me giggle!)

… that the first European coffee house opened in Italy in the year of 1645 and you weren’t introduced to France until 1657. (It is no accident that Italy is my favorite European country!)

… that the Battle of Vienna was over you. (It’s only natural that there is a war brewing when I go without you.)

… that with the exception of Hawaii and Puerto Rico, no coffee is grown in the United States.

… that flavored coffees originated in the United States in the 1970’s.

… that October 1st is the official Coffee Day in Japan. (Why don’t we have an official coffee day on our calendar?)

… that you have 8 different tasting terminologies.

After all this, perhaps I should give coffee up? Nah, I’m no quitter!

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