Abraham and the Circle of Life

The Bible states that from ashes we were created and from ashes we should return, so what happens to our bodies when they are placed in the ground? Moreover, what does the Bible mean when it states that the dead in Christ shall rise? In addition, if our bodies have all decayed, rotted into the ground, how are the dead in Christ going to rise when our bodies are no more? In taking this a step further, let us look at the complete implications of what this means in a scientific way of thinking using Abraham as an example, since he is the father of nations. His body is buried and over time has rotted into the soils of the earth. The soil of the earth in turn produces plants and trees, which in turn produces oxygen – oxygen that we breathe in – thus Abraham’s body is in the air that we breathe. Hence, we breathe in Abraham. Don’t worry folks; it’s just the circle of life. However, it is insane to believe that God could raise air from the dead – I guess no more insane than Him creating something from nothing.

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3 thoughts on “Abraham and the Circle of Life

  1. “It is insane to believe that God could raise air from the dead…” sounds like another case of putting God in a box!!! And from that line of thinking, it’s insane to believe God can do anything… HOWEVER, I think it’s insane to believe God CAN NOT do something…

    Including creating a people who are living connected to everyone else in one way or another… just like our own bodies… our toes are connected to our elbows are connected to our ears… the circle of life is everywhere!

    Do you think if we breath deep enough we can gain some of Einstein’s intelligence? I could use some of that… 😉

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