Cheese and Wine (or is that Whine)

Who knew there were so many cheeses? Better yet, who knew there were so many “whines”? Yeah, we can pour a pitcher of whine to its brim, down it, and fill it again.

I don’t know who first said the infamous, “Do you want some cheese with that whine?” but if they received a dime for every time it was used/said…

Today was difficult. It started with a headache along with a knock at the door by my local sheriff stating, “You’ve been served.”

Served what?

An unexpected court date left me feeling as if I had been sucker punched in the gut and then grabbed like a cave woman by the hair and drug across the desert sand gasping for air.

I began pouring my whine within minutes of my feet hitting the floor. I then decided to make me a batch of stronger whine when I realized that this was the day that I had set aside to sell my wedding dress and rings. I thought it would be easy, departing with something that was a failure in my life. How sadly I was mistaken.

As I gazed upon the dress adorned in pearls and sequins, flowing white satin that was cool to the skin, I noticed imperfections. Things were torn, displaced, and even missing.


I wrapped it around me and wept.

In order to escape the overwhelming emotions that were knocking me off my feet, I decided I would bake in the sun. However, that came quickly to an end when three grown men decided they would play football in and around the pool, soaking me, hitting my chair, and making far too much noise for my pouty spirit to handle. So off to Jared’s I went…

… wedding rings on finger. As I gazed upon the golden rings adorned in diamonds, I noticed that they were now too small for my fat fingers.


I slid them on and off and on my finger and wept.

Today a dream was buried. Oh it had officially died five years ago, but today, today it was put to rest. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t holding on to the idea of reconciliation, it was that I had life going on all these years, two children to take care of…

While I sit and whine, nibbling away at cheese (the ears of my friends), I hear Him whisper in my ear, “Do you trust me?”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” is the very loud, crazy voice screaming in my head but then, head hung low, I whisper, “Yes Lord.”  And then I hear…

I need you to let go so that I can give you something new. I am making you into something beautiful. Do you trust me?”

“Yes Lord, You alone I put my trust.”

So here I sit, out of cheese and out of whine, trusting in the One who is stronger… the giver of life… my strong tower, my deliverer, my refuge, my strength, my provision, my victorious conqueror, my best friend… my 1 Corinthians 13.

1 Corinthians 13

Copyright by ReflectionsByPj 20100727


2 thoughts on “Cheese and Wine (or is that Whine)

  1. I didn’t even bother to sell my wedding dress I just stuffed the whole beautiful thing in the trash one day. A couple of years later I donated mine and his wedding rings to the church and never looked back. God is good. He knows your needs and desires to bless you. He hears the cry of our hearts and He will restore the years the locast have eaten.

  2. I hate that you’ve had to face this sorrow and those behind what’s even written here. I do believe, as you set your house in order yesterday, now you will truly live that abundant life God promised you. 2010, The Year of Restoration! Your Turn! I love you friend.

    Thank you for sharing so openly.

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