Do you trust me? – Introduction

“The heart behind the hands… changed everything.” ~ Sheila Walsh

Sheila talks in her introduction about her sister pushing her on a swing. It moved from her sister pushing her to a stranger, a man that she didn’t know, someone she didn’t trust and how now she has had a long journey taking her from fear to faith.

I will talk to you about things in my life which have kept me crippled in fear, untrusting of anyone or anything. Some things I will share I will just now be walking through as I hear what Sheila has to say and I meditate on what it is that she is teaching through God’s Word. I’m positive I will have a few light bulb moments along the way in addition to things that I’m already very aware of that keep me crippled. This is about transforming… from ashes to beauty.

“There is a world of breathtaking wonder wrapped up in trusting God…” Sheila says. In red ink beside this line you will find my notes reading, “Of this I want, something that takes my breath away.”

Sheila is going to introduce me, she says, to 10 people that helped her along the way. She gives a full summarized paragraph of what it is that each one taught her along the way. Below you will find their names and what I underlined in red out of Sheila’s paragraphs that stood out to me.

Anna – “Sometimes we have to wait a lifetime to see the fulfillment of a dream and the gift is who we become in the process of waiting.”

Mary and Martha – “God is always there and we are never lost.”

Paul – “When you come out of the dark place, you will be a different woman, loving God with a passion you never knew possible.”

Tabitha – “… woven love and service to each of her friends’ life. (While I’m not sure Tabitha thought of herself as beautiful, those around her did.”

Gideon – “I’ve felt God calling me to places I didn’t want to go because others would do a better job than I would.” … “God chooses each of us to show what he can do.”

Joseph – “… the greatest gift from Joseph’s story is seeing that as we learn to trust God, we can let others off the hook. The more we believe that God is in control, the more we can forgive others for the pain they have caused us. THIS IS HUGE!” … “… letting it go brings peace… no matter what others intend for evil, God will work for good.”

(SIDENOTE: you will need to know that the very day I read this was the very day that I was in VBS and heard the very same thing being said… and VBS was about Joseph.)

Samson – “Too little and too late… it is never too late to trust one more time. EVEN IF you have only one breath left in your body.”

Nicodemus – “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose. Jim Elliot”

Abraham – “He is the only one in the Bible called God’s friend.”

This is merely the introduction; we have yet to scratch the surface. Here’s to learning to trust – letting go of status quo – in order for beautiful things to happen in and through my life.

Lord, I ask that You give me the ears to hear what is being said; the wisdom to understand it; and the heart to receive it, so that I may see Your breathtaking beauty unfold in and through me. In Jesus’ name, amen!

Copyright by ReflectionsByPj 20100619

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