If the Shoe Fits

I wish I could tell you that today was a good day, with the exception of one incident that led to another, well, for the most part it was.

I rose this morning with a song in my heart and ready to face the day. Survived the morning back-to-school madness, came home, had devotions, and then got on the computer to check out the world of Facebook, when suddenly there was a banging on my door. It was loud and continuous, obnoxious really. When I walked in my kitchen, I saw a man peering in my door at me.

The day before I had asked some construction guys, working on a house next door to me, if I might throw my broken down boxes in their dumpster. I explained to them that my father was in construction and I was aware they were charged for having it there in addition to the fact that they get charged each time it’s dumped so if the answer be no, no worries. They were kind, giving me the go-ahead, with the one request of making sure all the boxes were broken down. Just as it was getting dark, Elijah and I went out to tackle the job and did so with success.

I opened the door to a man who smelt of smoke, the kind that gives you lung cancer not the campfire kind, and he began barking at me about the boxes in the dumpster. Each time I tried to explain the conversation I had yesterday he barked louder. Needless to say, by the time he left I was in tears – apparently barks bite – and I was on my way to remove all the boxes from the dumpster. 

I returned to my kitchen, after cleaning up from being IN the dumpster, and began fixing breakfast – yes breakfast, all of this was before 9 a.m. – when I went to throw something away my head met the corner of an opened cabinet door. While I’d like to say that it was my own fault for leaving the cupboard door open, leaving me with a bump on my head and in pain, all day, I’m going with the fact that it was the smelly, lung cancer man’s fault…



I read in scripture this morning, “Arise O Lord! Rescue me, my God! SLAP MY ENEMIES IN THE FACE!” ~ Psalm 3:7a 

 I think the shoe fits.


6 thoughts on “If the Shoe Fits

  1. LOL!!!! To the end of your blog! So very sorry for the rest of the absolute CRAP you had to deal with this morning. You can apply the word “CRAP” to a person, place, or thing – or all of the above ;o) Hugs To Ya PJ!

  2. Well, in my book this man is what I call a “bully” to bang on your door and proceed with chewing on a woman. I would hate to think how this man treats his mother and/or wife — that is if he has a wife.

    Penny, you must be doing something right for the enemy to send a “bully” to your door – just saying. I know, we are to pray for those who treat us bad but today at this time I can’t seem to bring myself to do it….=)

    • LOL to your last remark! ;o}

      “Penny, you must be doing something right for the enemy to send a “bully” to your door – just saying.” … I love you Toni! I never thought of it that way… you are so wise! ;o)

      And yes, a bully indeed!

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