I once read that you have to know where you have been to know where you are going. However, when it comes to the God of the Bible my past does not predicate my future. I once was lost but now I am found. I am not bound by yesterday and tomorrow is not promised.

Today I learned of yesterday’s news. Due to sickness and medication that makes you sleep, I seemingly had not heard of the horrific Arizona shooting until I just clicked the on button to my television and listened to our President give a speech.

I am horrified at the evil at bay in this world but not surprised, it has lived among us since the beginning of time. However, the senselessness of that very evil bids my soul to anger. A little girl by the name of Christina died because of senseless evil. Christina was 9-years-old, just one month and two days older than that of my son.  I cannot imagine being the mother of Christina, in-spite of the heaviness I feel, the sorrow my heart carries, and the water flowing from eyes. There are no words.

While I pray for the speedy recovery of all the survivors, my thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims, their families, and the sorrow left them in their wake, that they find comfort, peace, and healing. In addition, I hope for the swiftest possible justice for the perpetrator.

This past summer I visited the burial place of my grandmother, she died when I was 13-years-old. I had not stepped foot in that cemetery since the day they placed her casket in the ground. The truth be told, for years after grandma’s death I was mad at her, and too, guilty of crimes that I did not commit, and could not find closure in saying good-bye.

Twenty-five years later is far too long to find closure, yet thankfully, closure did come. One day, perhaps, I’ll share with you the magnitude of pain, guilt, crime, and forgiveness wrapped up in a 25-year closure. However, until then know this, we indeed are not promised tomorrow, and while I am not bound by my past any longer my future only rest in the air that I’m breathing at present and in the hope of my salvation.


3 thoughts on “Arizona

  1. Oh Pj, If we could all grasp even your last paragraph!

    “….and while I am not bound by my past any longer my future only rest in the air that I’m breathing at present and in the hope of my salvation.”

    Thank you for sharing this truth.

    We miss so much beauty in today by looking to yesterday and tomorrow! ~Shannan

  2. Penny – two victims of this horrific event that are rarely mentioned are the parents of Jared Loughner. My heart aches for his mother, I would love to hug her and pray with her. All of her hopes and dreams for her young son have been shattered, then begins the endless search in her mind of what went wrong, what could she have done differently, and Satan’s biggest weapon of blaming herself for it all. While we long for swift justice for the shooter, remember he also is someone’s little boy and someone who stands in need of God’s healing and grace.

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