Politically Correct, My Shoes!

The other day I had a friend sharing with me some trials that she was facing. No sooner she shared with me her heavy load, she apologized for unloading on me, which one never must apologize to me for, and then followed her apology up with, “There are others out there that are in far off worse situations than this. Who am I to complain?”

Since when did society decide that another’s problems are any far worse than mine?

I understand that things could always be worse, don’t get me wrong. But when we feel the need to apologize because we are walking through our own set of emotions, feelings, disappointments, struggles, etc, please then tell me, how is it that anyone has a right to complain because certainly then, society is implying that there is always someone worse off.

Heaven forbid that Jesus kneel in prayer and ask that if there be any other way because really, there is certainly someone, somewhere,  that is suffering far more than He in that moment. HELLO, THIS IS WHAT YOU, SOCIETY, ARE SAYING!!!

Scripture states that we each have our own log in our own eye to deal with. We are not here to judge one another or condemn, but we are to be compassionate and loving. If there is ever a time to be compassionate and loving, I believe it would be in the hour of ones distress. No matter what the size of distress, the condition of the distress, or the level of distress… the distress is enough alone to receive our compassion, our love, and our understanding. When my child hurts him/herself, I tend to the hurt whether it is a scratch, a bump, or a gash needing stitches – the hurt must be addressed in order for healing to occur.

We each have our own shoes to fill, with those shoes come worn treads that at times have worn a hole that introduces ones bare foot to a rocky path, leaving it exposed to sores and other things. No matter the size of the sore, there is still a sore all the same, which will bring pain and require tender, love, and care. We each have our own pain to walk in, and yes, there are times when our pain might not seem as horrific as another’s but it does not lessen the realness of it nor does it minimize the emotion one must feel walking through it.

To society, I ask you this: Who is to say you will be heard when you sound the alarm of your own distress call?

To all my friends, you never need apologize for sharing whatever it is you’re feeling. I do not yield to what society deems as culturally acceptable, I answer only to my King and my King requires of me to protect, trust, hope, and persevere – to be patient and kind and to honor others. May I always understand the pain in others and may others be able to understand the pain in me.


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