Deuteronomy 33

You can be and receive the infinite blessings you were destined to live!

May you be full of life and good health. May you be surrounded by authentic friends. May you find strength in the Lord when others tear you down. May you live by the covenant God has given and hold his Word dear to your heart. May God bless the talent He has given to you, that it would be realized in full potential for His purposes. May you find rest and peace in the midst of God’s presence. May this be a year of abundant provision for your every need. May God give you resolve and persistence to overcome for His good purposes. May you live in thankfulness and lead others into righteousness. May God give you the courage to speak grace and truth. May you grow into the place of leadership God has destined for you. May the favor of the Lord drench the fullness of your life. May you trust the living God to guide & protect you. May you continue to live with the knowledge of your salvation. God is your protector and helper in all times. May you experience the fullness of God’s destined blessing this coming year. Amen.


2 thoughts on “Deuteronomy 33

  1. “May you be surroundetd by authentic friends.” That is a powerful prayer. It is only when you are surrounded by the bad ones for a while that you realize how rare and essential authentic ones are.

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