Martin Luther King, Jr.

I recently wrote about hope where I compared hope verses false hope. However, that doesn’t answer the question as to what gives one hope? And what, if anything, makes one question hope? And what makes one questions ones own questions of hope?

I’m not talking things that one hopes for rather what gives one hope. I’m sure that varies just as much as people vary but, I wonder if there is any common thread. Is one just looking to be encouraged, appreciated, needed or is there more to it than those things?

This past weekend I held a newborn baby in my arms. As I gazed into the face of that sweet child of God, the reflection of her parents, yet too the reflection of God, I felt hope rise within me. Does a baby give one hope for a brighter tomorrow? Perhaps a sense of humility? Maybe even a salvation of sorts? Or could it be that one feels it is an opportunity to live life again differently?

As a parent, I hope my children will know the ways of the Lord, using their natural talents to better the lives of others. I hope they not only know they are loved but feel loved. I hope through the trials and the joys that it builds their character and reflects a godly heart. I hope that the legacy I’ve left them will last them long afer I am gone.

But what gives me hope?

In 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr. gave a speech that encouraged one to hope. He educated and inspired people on that day throughout America and even the unborn generations. People hoped in a better tomorrow where things are different in the future, old things have passed and new things have come. And while my hope is found only in my salvation, I believe that Mr. King offered a hope for all as he so eloquently brought the scripture to life – all men are created equal – while including the words from the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

I’m positive that Mr. King had his moments of doubt but he pressed on, daring to believe and risk and DREAM and never giving up… it is no accident that his speech is ranked one of the top speeches in the 20th century.

So again I ask, on this day that so many remember the found hope and inspiration this nation needed, what gives you hope? What causes you to question that hope? And what causes you to question your questions of hope?

If you have never listened to Dr. King’s speech in its entirety, I’d urge you to not miss it.


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