Absolution II


As if time stopped, she reflected on yester years. An old white farmhouse surrounded by a white fence – not picketed, rather more like one you’d see at a Kentucky derby. Coming down the drive you could see a row of oak trees on either side and during the summer, along the fence line, were rows of golden Forsythia bushes, like sunrises on your very own horizon. Walking onto the porch, grey with paint that had been weathered over the years, and looking to the left hung a porch swing. It creaked when you swung in it as it had composed a melody all its own and somehow would proudly perform a concert just for you. As you entered the house, the screen door would slam behind you announcing to all inside that it was no longer alone but that a visitor was now in its presence. In the far back of the house was a room filled with the smell of oatmeal cookies and a jar stocked full of peppermint candies. At the sink stood a lady with skin of a porcelain doll and hair like that of a cotton ball. When you looked at her face, you would see her smoked blue eyes with inset crow’s feet and gazing lower, lines formed her mouth from the laughter, the smiles, that never faded.

In the front of the house, there was a room that had blue and green shag carpet. In the far back corner of the room was an old musty recliner where an old wrinkled, grumpy, and nasty blind man sat. His hair was thin and gray and grease helped the comb-over to stay in place. His nose was huge, so huge that it was often all you would see of him at first glance and it didn’t help that he had noticeable veins running over it causing it to look purplish blue. It stood out like a ‘green thumb’. Being that he was blind, he had one glass eye and one natural eye that constantly oozed with clear liquid. She remember his nails, long for a man though not as long as a ladies; they were yellowed in color with ridges, as if the nails too had acquired wrinkles over the years.

She suddenly had a chill go up her spine and as she quivered, she sighed in discomfort as she remembered the innumerable occasions in which the lady with skin of a porcelain doll would leave her at the house with the green thumb while she ran errands and he would want, demand attention. He would call her over saying, “Come here girl, I have something to tell you.” ….

This is a very small portion of a fictional short story I wrote called Absolution. Would love to know your thoughts… were you left wanting more of the story?


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