The Ramblings of a Single Mom


You’ll have to be patient with me tonight as I share with you unfinished thoughts and reflections on things of my day. There is no real finished, well–thought-out, madness to my writing, rather just as the title suggest, ramblings of hi’s and low’s.

I left a comment on one of Michael Hyatt’s blogs today to which he personally responded to me  with some advice. If you don’t know who Michael Hyatt is, well, he is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Thomas Nelson Publishers. If you don’t know who Thomas Nelson Publishers is, well, they are the largest Christian publishing company in the world and the seventh largest trade book publishing company in the U.S.

My blog had over 100 hits today, more than 50 of those hits were for my ‘The First Admendment’ blog – while I’m grateful, on some level I find it annoying… there are so many BETTER blogs than that particular one… perhaps a revision of it is necessary? Perhaps I should just be grateful.

I started a new category on my blog, FICTION, and my first fictional blog, Absolution got tweeted by someone I don’t know… I realize I have followers that I don’t know but I’ve never had a specific blog tweeted! Totally awesome! THANK YOU!

I received the blessing of another’s help in a circumstance that I believed there to be no way out.

I took my son to the doctor to find out that he has Croup and is running a fever as high as 103.1 at moments. When I emailed professors to inform them I had one remind me that due to snow days and this sick day, I’m boarder line being failed in the class and it’s only three weeks into school, which of course stirred up some emotions of anger, hurt, disappointment, and discouragement. Thoughts of being let go from a 5-year-job for excessive absenteeism came flooding back and have remained throughout the night.

I was under the understanding my two snow days and today was considered excused and with that assumption didn’t believe it was held against me. Apparently I @$$-umed too much.

What then, is a single mom to do? My family is 10 hours away in another state and it’s not a friend’s responsibility to take care of your sick child so that you can go to work or school. I understand there are expectations and rules to be adhered to and these folks are just doing their jobs however… UGH!

I am not taking a victim mentality on this either, I will overcome – overcome by resolving to find a solution to the problem. What if there were facilities, for single moms and dads that provided you a place to bring your children when sick? It would be for sick children only… if waiting rooms can have a well child and a sick-child location, why not create a location for the sick-child to go while you’re working?

Having said this, I think it is sad that society would make me choose between my job, providing for my family, and actually being present for my family. Oh yes, I know all about FMLA, but that doesn’t cover your butt when you’re missing inconsistent days of work, here and there, when your child has pink eye, strep, flu…

I’m merely saying that as a single mother I’m put in situations where providing for my family comes before being present for my family, no matter how much it saddens me, it is what the working mom created it to be. YIKES, I just dared to go there… alas; I’ll stop there before I create a war that I’ve not clearly thought out.

With that being said, what are your thoughts on the subject matter? What are your suggestions? What would you propose as a solution?


2 thoughts on “The Ramblings of a Single Mom

  1. I totally agree with you. As I have worked with adult students in higher education over the years, I have seen many single moms & dads who are put in very stressful situations because of snow days and sick children. I have seen newss stories where a mother was arrested because her children were left alone during the day, however, the mother was also forced to go to work to provide for those children. I always thought that this would be a great ministry opportunity for the senior members of a church congregation. These folks are retired, have very flexible schedules, and are often lonely for their own grandchildren. Why couldn’t there be an emergency resource call list of people waiting for the chance to help??

    • That is a great idea however, I wonder if it wise for sick children to be around seniors? Of course, I guess it too would depend the age and medical condition, if any, of the senior. I really would like to start some organization to help with this.

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