Issues in Science – Stars

Have you ever found yourself gazing into the midnight sky watching the stars? There isn’t a person on the planet, to my knowledge [as if I know everyone on the planet] that isn’t fascinated by stars. Our very own Rock-STARS write songs about being a STAR. We have the Manhattan’s [I realize I’m dating myself here] that sing to us, “Baby, you are my shining star…” and then the new comers like Nickelback who reminds us that “we all just want to be rock stars… hey, hey, I wanna be a rock star”. Of course, I believe one of my favorites, when on this subject, would have to be the song by Earth, Wind, and Fire [love them!] that states, “you’re a shining star, no matter who you are, shining bright for you to see, what your life can truly be”.

The building blocks of life are usually listed by six key elements: Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Sulfur. One of these elements is fundamental to life, Carbon. Without these key elements, it is probable to say that life would not exist. However, if you remove the element of Carbon it is factual that life would not exist. Carbon plays a huge role in reproduction. This is probably where we get quotes such as, “Why be a carbon copy when you can be an original.” You already contain the carbon needed to be you, the unique carbon that makes you, you.

Stay with me, your brain is about to have its gears oiled.

Did you know that stars reproduce? Did you know that stars contain this element carbon, along with hydrogen and helium? Did you realize that these elements could also be found in the earth’s crust, what we call ground, dirt, dust?

What we must realize is that our God transcends all of space and time. He is not in our universe he is all around it. In other words, what we call space, universe, the midnight sky, even when looking through a telescope extending as far as we can see, this creation [not just earth and all that inhabits its surface and core] I’m speaking of all creation – it’s just a bubble. If you can grasp that for a moment, then your first gear has been oiled and we are on our way to oiling your next gear.

Realizing that God is transcendent of all means that we realize he could very easily take one galaxy and drop it into another. Not to step out of the spiritual and into the pagan but you remember this past Christmas seeing Santa in the Coke commercial shake up the snow globe in order to make things happen. Something like that, since we have to keep this in the realm of something our small minds can grasp  – understanding the power involved in transcending is like almost blowing one’s mind to pieces. We don’t want that, we just want the gears in motion.

So… wait for it…

What if, the dust we were made from was that of a star?

At this point, you shut down your gears and are now filled with a righteous anger at this crazy woman’s words.


This crazy woman is not saying that God reached over and took the dust of a star and made us, as scripture clearly states that He made all things from the ground. BUT, this is what I’m saying…

We serve a God that transcends time and space and all that we know or could ever imagine. He has fine-tuned creation so much so that if gravity were off by one degree we would not be here. He is a master, the master, of all that we know. And I find it simply amazing that the key elements found in stars are the key elements that we, too, are made up of. Those key elements are all throughout our earths ground. That is how precise God is in fine-tuning his art.

Just a few more bits of information, all running together, in order to blow your mind and keep your gears oiled and in motion.

The sun of our universe is a star. Did you know not only do stars produce energy they can burn out? When their energy burns out, they explode and become Supernovas. Supernovas will shine brighter than any other around them will and some can continue in that state from months even into years before they break apart and create other stars. Meaning, they have a life cycle. [There is coming a day when our sun, the star that is the source of earth’s energy, will explode.] There is so much I could say here but will refrain, as I will not do it proper justice, like wise, this post will not be at all what it is meant to be… however, on that note and without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to the following:




“A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” ~ Forest Long

Is it any wonder why humans are attracted to stars?


One thought on “Issues in Science – Stars

  1. HOPE! My weary self is about to become a SUPERNOVA!!! Hehehe! With every cloud there is a silver lining and with every exploding star there is light that penetrates udder darkness. WooOoo PJ, we’re about to see darkness flee. How’s that for deep 😉 LOVE IT!

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