The Devil Knows I’m Here

I thank you for answering my prayer and giving me victory! ~ Psalm 118:21

Inferno is Italian for hell. Last semester I took World Literature where I read a piece titled Dante’s Divine Comedy. I found myself captivated by this piece of literature. Dante, himself, is the narrator and is in his mid to upper 30’s [from what I understand in comparison to scripture and his descriptive characterization]. The Divine Comedy is a follow-up to Dante’s Inferno where there are three levels, Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso – hell is depicted as nine circles of suffering. The Divine Comedy represents the journey of the soul towards God, with the Inferno describing the recognition and rejection of sin.

I wanted to write a research paper on this piece, however my argument was not a qualifying argument for a literature research paper. I later learned that this piece it not liked by most. I do not understand the dislike but to each their own. Though it has left me wondering if my own fascination with this piece isn’t simply due to a blinded cognition deep within.

The last six months have been hell, there is just no other way to say it. I wish I could tell you the personal details within the upheaval – sufficed to say, there has been courts, judges, random testings, jail, loss of jobs, group and individual… . There comes a point that the weight of a straw really can break your back and after all the tears, the prayers, the tears, the yelling, the tears, the wallowing, the tears, the crawling, the tears – you find yourself throwing your hands in the air, looking to the sky, yelling in a tone of anger, frustration, and exhaustion while standing on the hot embers, “How much longer Lord must I cry out and you not hear me!”  [The devil knows I’m here!]

But, He does hear.

In the last seven days there is a noticeable improvement – peace. I was blessed with a job – security. My lawn was cut and a lawn-mower was given to me – provision. I was given a free ticket to attend a Beth Moore Conference – joy.  

Answered prayer. Blessings. These leave me rejuvenated, confident, hopeful, joyous, and grateful.  AND, totally dependant on Him in ALL things for ALL things. When you’re going through hell, you won’t ever get out without the devil knowing you’re there – the best example of this is Job but in the end we find Job victoriously satisfied.


9 thoughts on “The Devil Knows I’m Here

      • Thanks for the link. It’s a very good site. I havent been there before. Am now trying to read it. Being a fan of literature, sure I’ll like it. I’ll look for the book this week and buy it.

        • Well, Borders is going out of business so if you can get to one of those you’ll get a great deal, that’s assuming you have one near you and assuming that location is going out of business – I have two in my area that are closing. Otherwise, Barnes & Nobles has a copy in the bargain books section for $20 or less, I want to say less but not positive. It’s one for your collection! Enjoy! 🙂

  1. I want him to know I’m there so I can flip his nose of my way out. 🙂 I praise God each time I hear of God’s provision, His open doors, and His blessings on you. He has a great ministry that he is preparing you for. My heart has broken for you as I’ve watched you walk through hell for the last few years. I want to be a Kingdom Walker for you and walk with you and others going through those times. Love you, Penny

  2. In my youthful weirdness, I read this book. I think I was in high school and I totally loved it too. I had no idea anyone felt differently. Of course, I shouldn’t have been surprised. I can’t stand “the best novel ever written.” Anyway, my heart has hurt for you over the past six months and my prayers have been with you. I’m relieved to hear there has been some relief and I pray that it continues to come. Love you!

  3. The “devil may know I’m here” but here is in the the Potter’s hands – so there is hope.

    I love how you’ve been encouraged PJ. You are constantly in my prayers. When two or more agree….it shall be done. Just wish we could speed up the blessing 😉

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