Stolen Easter

The chickens worse fear... the eggnapper!

When I woke this morning I found myself joyful in all that today represents. By days end I found myself in tears, feeling guilty as I thought, this day sucks – worst Easter ever, due to all that it presents.

I was unable to be in church, attending the beautiful service with my family…

     … unable to watch my daughter participate in the Easter drama program…

     … unable to enjoy a family dinner, baskets, and quality time…

I never spoke with my children on the phone…

     … never spoke with my family on the phone…

     … never spoke with friends on the phone…

I was, however, able to work, stand on my feet all day in a hot kitchen, be solicited by an 82-year-old man for sex, and shower with ants.

It’s in this moment that I am reminded that in spite of what the day gave me, it is because of this day that I have hope for tomorrow – [and forgiveness given me for a bad attitude]. 

“The resurrection gives my life meaning and direction and the opportunity to start over no matter what my circumstance.” ~ Robert Flatt

Here’s to laying new eggs [hopefully of different color], Happy Easter!


One thought on “Stolen Easter

  1. Penny – don’t let Satan rob you of the joy of that Easter represents. Let’s thank God that you had a job to go to, your children are safe, they were in church, and you are on the road to a new life. I too struggled yesterday, I was up late Saturday night because my son posted on facebook for all the world see, ‘FU….. eveybody, I hope you have a miserable Easter…and then posted a picture of Jesus giving everyone the finger. Makes a mother proud, doesn’t it?? Actually, it breaks a mother’s heart in a million pieces, certainly doesn’t make for restful sleep. Then yesterday I did get to attend a family dinner, and I got to watch as the ‘family’ gave Easter baskets to their grown children and their grandchildren and tried to keep from asking….what did I do wrong to not have a family like this??

    BUT, yesterday morning as we drove back from the mountains — it was almost as if someone was speaking to me to look at the beauty of God’s world. The trees were unusally full and green and seemed to be crying out that ‘His is Risen’.

    You know I don’t have answers, but I do know that daily I have to turn my eyes upon Jesus!

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