Greatest Disappointments

Psalm 38:4 "Taste and see that the Lord is good." - even in the miry clay

My friend, Chris, calls me Job. And while I feel like Job, often, I don’t like being compared to Job.  Job was blameless, full of integrity (upright), something that I am not – blameless. Though, I would like to know specifically how long Job’s season of testing lasted. My season seems to be lasting all my life – some seasons are worse than others. And while I feel I’ve made much progression in areas, there are other areas that I seem to be sitting at a red light, a broken red light with no hope of it changing. For someone who has suffered from depression, they can find themselves falling down the rabbit hole very quickly – it’s a daily struggle of taking thoughts captive. Some days I’m successful, other days not so much.

I find that I’m in a constant state of not understanding, feeling disappointed with… well, with everything. But what if I allow my lack of understanding to keep me from progressing? I don’t have to understand, in spite of my wanting to understand, I only need to know that the pain I feel, the lack of understanding, the roadblocks – they are blessings and mercies that are yet to be revealed. Even while I’m in the midst of the mud and the rain, he’s still working on me – he is always at work, this I must believe.

Is your lack of understanding limiting your progression? Do you find yourself sitting at a red light? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

Enjoy my new favorite song.


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