May 7, 2011

I have to work tomorrow – Mother’s Day. I had to work today, however, the children are able to sleep in tomorrow so we partied all night.

After work, I quickly retired to my shower for at least a good hour. You have no idea. The smell. The stench. The ick.

We immediately headed out for my Mother’s Day dinner at Royal Thai.

After which, we then headed to party with my friend, DeMetri. Today was graduation, and I had several friends graduating. However, sadly, I was unable to attend. But DeMetri, in true performer style, held her graduation party at John A’s restaurant, inviting me and the kids to join her in celebrating. Though, I wouldn’t call John A’s so much a restaurant, more like a family bar [as if…].

Class of 2011 - Congratulations DeMetri!

 (BTW, she toured with Point of Grace and Chris August over the Christmas holiday. She’s an amazing violinist, fiddler, and singer.)
Well, by the time we left the bar, I mean restaurant, it was going on 11pm. You’d think we’d head home as I have to be to work at 6am. Nah, instead we head for a game of midnight bowling. It was the first time that my son played with out the bumpers – fun.
(My son is frowning because it is also the first time he has come in third place.)
I’m not a big fan of all the fake and artificial sweeteners out there, if you want sugar, just have sugar. The substitutes are never quite the same… however, I would have to say that today, today the substitutes were just as adequate, even better that what tomorrow will hold.  
Happy Mother’s Day to me!

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