Mantra ~ 2012

I had hoped to write, much, this past week but life comes at you and then it goes before you’ve had a chance to blink, breathe, be. I’m learning to take life as it happens but to find a moment within the moment to recognize… life.

Just a quick note and will write more later.

Last year for my birthday, a friend painted me a picture. I had asked her to paint me something since she revealed her hidden talent to me several years prior. On the back of the painting she wrote something so beautiful, so meaningful, and so apparent to where I was at – it was God inspired, to the very stroke of the brush to the very stroke of her keyboard. She named the painting, “Jordan’s Parting” and near the end of her writing, she told me that I had been given a new name – JOSHUA. Each word that she had written resonated within me but for some reason when I read that my new name was Joshua it made me giggle, that’s a boy’s name.

Today, with tears in my eyes, I understand that I am Joshua. As I walk into this New Year, I’ve asked God to give me a mantra. I didn’t want to make resolutions; I wanted something personal that resonated with my soul, my spirit. For the last part of 2011 I continuously told God that I am resolved – resolved to live for Him, serve Him, be all that I am to be to all that He has called me to be something to and more importantly, above all, that I am resolved to be famous in my house.

Famous = Legacy

In addition, for all of 2011 I have told several friends that I feel 2013 are going to be my walls crumbling down and I need to get ready.

Get Ready = Prepare

It is the year I graduate from college. It is the year I’m making plans to leave the country for the very first time. AND, it is the year I turn 40 – crossing Jordan. While I believe that these moments in my life will be significant, I also believe that they are not the “crossing Jordan” part of my life, they are bonuses.

It is no mistake that God has given me my mantra for 2012…

Circling Jericho!

I’m looking forward to writing more about this, soon, and sharing this journey with you. Today I begin a 21-day challenge of praying for two specific requests made by two of my Jericho’s – Isabella and Elijah.

I promise to share more with you… soon. Until then, tell me: What is your mantra for 2012?

Circling Jericho ~ 2012


4 thoughts on “Mantra ~ 2012

  1. Hello! 🙂 I really like your post! 🙂 But one question: Can you tell me where you got the pic from? I really like it and would like to know the artist 🙂 Thank you!

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