The Genealogy of a Miracle

Every miracle has a genealogy.

As a parent, I had to determine if I wanted to be famous or if I wanted to be famous in my home. It is what all parents, at some point in their life, wrestle with – the need to go after their own dream, want, desire without the constraints of… home. There is the internal struggle of wanting something to happen for you; a move up the corporate latter, write a book, travel, learn to fly a plane, become a famous singer/musician/songwriter, the next Billy Graham/Joyce Myer/Ronald Regan – freedom.

Most of the time, these struggles occur when you’re wrestling inside, feeling the need to have purpose to your life – answer to a higher calling. What we fail to see, while in the waiting – impatiently, if I might add – is that we have a chance, an opportunity, to be famous in our own house.

In February of 2009, while sitting on the couch with my children, my daughter reached across in front of me causing her pajama sleeve to rise up her arm. I briefly caught a glimpse of something on her arm but was unsure what I had seen. I would soon discover that what I saw were the marks of a cutter – a little girl, only 13, trying to control the pain in her life. Her reasons for beginning to cut began as a way to get attention, her reasons for continuing to cut – control.

And so my year of Dante’s Inferno began… trips to the therapist, fear of the therapist judging me – labeling me “bad parent”, fights with the ex, and unannounced strip searches for new cuts, the entire household walking on eggshells, the internal questioning of where I went wrong – why didn’t I see – how could this happen… and on and on it goes.

However, that was merely the first realm of Dante’s Inferno… In the fall of that same year, my daughter decided she would do drugs, on school property and I would be the one to bust her. She was busted on a Friday and on the next Monday I dropped her off at school, then walked into the principal’s office, and turned my daughter in. Trust me, I second-guessed my decision when they told me that she would be placed in a police car, taken to Juvenile Detention center (aka: jail for minors), and that I wouldn’t be able to see her until they contacted me.

Let me tell you, over the next several months I’m pretty sure we lived in the center, the very core, of Dante’s Inferno.

As a parent you find yourself thrust into a place you had never imagined walking, feeling… living. You start praying for your children like never before, at least I did. I started having a few select friends do the same. There were key people in my daughter’s life that I wanted to make aware of what was happening so they, too, could begin lifting her up in prayer and actually, so they could help me – I felt alone, but…

Prayer has the power to resurrect that, which was dead!

I decided it was time to get famous in my home. I don’t have a family tree that is deeply rooted in Christ, through generations. I don’t know what it’s like to sit and listen to a grandma tell me a story of how Jesus brought her over, under, around, and through. What I do have is the faith in the one that saved me and the words he gave telling me that if I but call upon Him, He will hear me and answer me.

Every miracle has a genealogy… our miracle began with the desire to see my daughter whole and healed, and the prayers I began covering over her. I can tell you, while the road was hard and long, God is mighty to save. There were people put in our lives as divine appointments. And in February of 2010, we, both my daughter and I, began sharing our testimony to hundreds of people about how God brought us over, under, around, and through – in this specific circumstance.

I heard a story of how a couple, upon discovering, they were expecting their child, decided to pray for their child before it was ever born. They prayed for everything they could think of for that child, including that unborn child’s spouse. They had decided not to know the sex of the child but asked God to give them a name for their child. In the month of October, they heard the name Jessica. And so they prayed for Jessica. In the month of November, they heard the name Timothy. And so they prayed for Timothy while continuing to pray for Jessica. When it was time to give birth, they gave birth to Timothy. They continued to pray for him, in all areas – including a spouse – as he grew. They also continued praying for Jessica. When Timothy was 22, he proposed to future wife. Her name – Jessica. Jessica had been born in October, the very month that Timothy’s parents first heard her name. They did not know that Jessica would be Timothy’s wife; they only knew they were given that name. Today, Timothy and Jessica are now parents of their own.

I decided in this New Year, it’s time I started praying for my children as I’ve never prayed before. It’s time I become famous. So, I went to my daughter and told her that she was going to have to start getting up thirty minutes earlier than normal. I explained to her that she would get ready as normal but the last 30 minutes before walking out the door, we were going to have a prayer meeting. Since she loves the Psalms, we would read a chapter and then I would pray for her. I would build a stonewall of prayer around her before she left the house – and her eyes lit up. With excitement in her voice, she said she had something to share with me. She proceeded to tell me of how she had read a Psalm that morning and that it encouraged her to write a prayer that she thought she should pray each morning before school. It reads:

“Dear God,

Please help me in school today. Help me to do the right thing and say the right words. Help me to face whatever might come my way and please protect me from the works of the devil. I know you are beside me every step of the way.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Our children are hungry to know God and to see us lead them in His ways. She is a walking miracle, a testament to God’s salvation!

I would challenge you to begin praying for your children, in an extreme fashion. Draw a circle around them. Build a stonewall of prayer. Resolve today that as for you and your house, you will serve the Lord – as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!

Every miracle has a genealogy… where does your genealogy begin?

Circling Jericho ~ 2012


8 thoughts on “The Genealogy of a Miracle

  1. Oh, and our similarities in life events continue, my sister! I would love to talk to you sometime about my oldest granddaughter, Danielle. I haven’t seen her since she turned 18, 4 years ago. At 13 she got into the Gothic group, and began cutting, and doing drugs, and lying. I pray for Danielle – that someone crosses her path who can turn her back to God and to her family. Cover your precious child(ren) with prayer. Constantly. Continually. I will pray for you and for them also!

    Love ya!

    • I will hold Danielle up in prayer with you. You know, one of the scriptures that I clung to, after my pastor reminded me of what it really said, was/is Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” It is a promise to us, an encouraging word to not give up in spite of the “now”. It says, “when he is old…”… the “now” is hard, so pray and we keep on instilling what we know is right and someday, in spite of the now, they return. I love that covering, it give me hope. Danielle is being covered in prayer… keep circling Jericho, be faithful, and the walls will come down.

      Thank you for your prayers, they are a treasured gift.

  2. thanks for reminding me that i’m above all things a mother!! love u!! amazing testimony!!! i will allways pray for u and your children, please pray for mine as well. JP and Radha are my everything in life and for them i do mighty things everyday!! love u!!!

    • My sweet adventurous Ray, what a gift you are… I am praying for your JP and Radha, and I am praying for their mom. God is raising up within you who He wants you to be, for you and for your children… I’m so glad to be part of the journey.

      You are loved!

      Your forever friend,
      The Writer (wink and smile)

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