Guest Post by George – Lesson Learned

I once caught myself breaking windows. I wasn’t thinking. The Lord told me not to break windows. And so I did anyway. Breaking windows is a bad idea. I only did it because I was mad. I shouldn’t have done it. I was being self-centered (big word). I was mad  because my sister wouldn’t get a band-aid when I asked her because she told me to get it myself. I told her that Mama wouldn’t let me stand in the chair with my shoes on. So, I grabbed a water bottle and threw it at the window, breaking the window. When it broke I was thinking why did I do that, the Lord told me not to break windows. I continued thinking about it for two nights. I figured out why I should not do it again. 1) Because the Lord told me not to. 2) Because breaking windows is a bad idea. And 3) if you break a window it could get you sent to jail. So, I figured not to break a window ever again and I promised the Lord I would never do it again. So, to all of you that have broken a window, don’t think about doing it – just don’t do it, it’s a bad idea.


3 thoughts on “Guest Post by George – Lesson Learned

    • Well, you did a good job writing it. You had a few other people tell me that they thought it was very cool and that they loved it. Perhaps you shouldn’t use your homework pass for your writing assignments… perhaps you could practice your writing by blogging. 🙂

  1. I am so proud of you George! Thank you for helping us by telling us your experience. You heard God and chose to listen. You also taught us that God forgives us when we mess up, and we can still choose to do right the next time we’re tempted with a right or wrong decision. High Five Bud!

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