What I Did Not Know

Top 10 Things I Learned that I Did not Know… March 1.

1) A woman experiencing domestic abuse will attempt to leave 7 times before she is ever successful.

2) Women in America had the right to vote 4 years earlier than the Native American – the real first settlers.

3) Benjamin Franklin discovered the Gulf Stream.

4) Benjamin Franklin also funded the first public hospital in America.

5) He also invented a musical instrument called the Glass Armonica, which is like playing a glass piano but instead of black keys you have gold keys. It is also the equivalent of making music from wine glasses.

6) The word Missiology, it’s meaning, and that one of my communications professors hold a Masters in Missiology.

7) A music group known as, “The Be Good Tanyas“.

8) Time Magazine writes at a tenth grade level and Reader’s Digest at a ninth grade level.

9) It is my daughters 6 month anniversary. Better yet, that when you are 15 you can have an anniversary.

10) My son has to dress like his favorite book character at school tomorrow and it is already 8 p.m. In addition, the favorite character of the day… Batman.

Circling Jericho ~ 2012


2 thoughts on “What I Did Not Know

  1. My friends Rebekah and Janna also hold Masters degrees in Missiology. I had never heard of it until I went to Regent and they had students earning that degree. Neither one of them are currently missionaries or working for missions organizations. But they know all about the best ways to go and send… 🙂

  2. I’m learning that just because you hold a degree in a speciality doesn’t mean that you work in the speciality… which I think I knew but didn’t realize was so popular, by choice or not. 🙂

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