If anybody knows…

April 2003, Easter Sunday to be exact, would be the first time I stepped into Christ Church Nashville and in January 2004, I made it my home. Over the last 8 years – it feels much longer – I have added to my family, and still adding today. They have been the source of all a family is – accepting, loving, tolerant, patient, fun, and even a real pain in the cushion. They have walked with me up and down and back and forth the ridge of life.

They are my family.

We don’t always see or understand the places God has us, the seasons He allows us to step in and out of and all those that He brings to walk with us along the way, but we are grateful that He does… if not in the midst of, later.

Today I was able to experience joy unspeakable and share it with my family. It is the joy of knowing God is at work combined with the lack of knowledge in regards to what it is He is exactly working on/out. I will share more later on this news (oh say, next week) but today, today I enjoyed speaking wholeheartedly, “where He leads me I will follow”.

In His leading, I’ve given Sunday morning church up – for a season. While my heart yearns to be there I am right where I am supposed to be. However, this Sunday one of our family members is moving to the Sunny State to be a Princess and will be terribly missed. And while I cannot be there, I found a video of her singing the most appropriate song for me on this day…



well, it was just another piece of evidence that I know about His love!

We love you Lici!

Circling Jericho ~ 2012


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