Mustard Seed Faith and BUT… God

You are good when there is nothing good in me.

I feel as if someone needs a word of encouragement this morning. As I sit in the quiet attempting to work on a project, I cannot escape the feeling that someone needs to know that God hears you. He truly does… in the big and in the small, he is listening. I know it does not always feel as though he is with you or that, he cares or that, he has heard your small cry over the hundred billion other cries that are being sent his way, BUT… he does. I promise you, he hears you.

Yesterday afternoon, while driving to a dreaded appointment – after, might I add, already having a horrible morning – I had my daughter in the car and we were discussing the craziness of stress. She says, “Do you remember when you use to walk around saying, ‘Shit.Damn.Hell.’ in your stress moments?” We giggled as we recalled my crazy pacing-the-house while waving my hands in some Italian form of expression while chanting those words. I am thankful my children have not picked up those five-minute stress relievers [tantrums] though my son does do an annoying birdcall in times of stress.  [To each family their own.]

I found myself saying something not awful but not edifying either, toward the appointment I was about to have. No sooner it came out of my mouth, I had to apologize. “Oh God, forgive me. I may not say the SDH phrase any longer but my attitude in things could still use an adjustment.  I don’t know what is ahead but God, I just need some mercy.”

Yep, aloud it came and my daughter just shook her head and smirked. Her smirk, however, quickly faded to a jaw dropping; “Shut up!” when instantly the phone rang canceling my appointment with no future appointment scheduled.

I am not suggesting that it always works this way BUT… God.

We tend to think that we must always be praying long prayers filled with words that few can understand, let alone pronounce. The scripture says, “When you pray do not babble on and on as people of other religions do.” (Matthew 6:7)  God, I just need some mercy is all that was needed to be asked and he provided.

He does hear you and he will answer you. Do not lose faith… you only need a mustard seed.

Circling Jericho ~ 2012


8 thoughts on “Mustard Seed Faith and BUT… God

    • Jim, that is such a good point. He does say no, sometimes more often than we’d like and for reasons that we do not always understand – perhaps later [days, months, years] we will understand and… perhaps not. But the key is trusting him, in all things… which is something I must daily say aloud, “Today Lord, I am trusting You.” (Psalm 143:8)

  1. So many times I cried out to the Lord “Help” or “I need you Lord” and He came through.
    God also hears the cries within our hearts – no words just a groan. Thank you for reminding me!

    • “God also hears the cries within our hearts – no words just a groan.” … I know that is the truth! There’s an upcoming blog sharing that very thing. Exciting things lurk in the waiting. 🙂

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