Paideia in the Greek

Library of Education

Video blog attempt #2… again, unedited – and it clearly shows. For example:

1) How many “um’s” can a person say?

2) Does one’s head really need to be reflected in a “video blog” or is it okay that it’s mouth seen only?

3) The miscellaneous corrections: a) it was not in Acts that Paul mentioned the thorn in his side, Acts was written by Luke… it was Paul [duh] in 2 Corinthians.; b) in addition to “a” when I suggest that God slap around the people in your life I’m referencing Psalm 3:7 (NLT);  c) I did not “start” a bible study group, I JOINED…

In spite all of my unedited and unpolished self, I hope that you enjoy my update and take to heart the challenge given at the end.



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