Words and Actions Go Hand-in-Hand

The other day, while observing a protest, someone said to me, “She is someone who not only talks the talk but walks it.”

It got me thinking…

          do people say that about me?

                    I hope.

So I started asking myself some questions…

What am I sowing? Are the people I encounter changed for the better as a result of me being around them? Are the things I’m involved with impacted in a positive way because of something I did? Do I bring something of value to the experiences I am a part of? Are people touched by something I said, created, gave? Am I bringing people closer to God with me life, or further away? If I knew I had days to live would I do things differently or the same?

I believe I must ask these questions constantly and gage how I spend my time, my resources, and my life, as a result. Living each day to its fullest, pouring into those around me, stepping out in faith and experiencing life-changing encounters – intentional living means my words and my actions are in unity… no matter the cause, the relationship, the person, the circumstance – hand-in-hand they must be.

Yes – be intentional with your life,  thinking less about what you can take from others or what you can experience and more about what you can sow.

I cannot be intentional without asking God to be everything to me, thus this song is my daily prayer.


[Special note – song starts at approximately the 2:10 minute/second mark in video]


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